Whether you want to get around Pittsburgh in an environmentally-friendly capacity or are just looking for a healthy activity for your trip to Pennsylvania, biking is a wonderful option.

Now, thanks to the efforts of Bike Pittsburgh, biking is becoming easier on our city streets, and access to trails is opening up. Bike Pittsburgh is a 501(c) (3) charitable non-profit that aims to build “an active transportation network that safely connects people to professional, commercial, recreational, residential, and cultural destinations. Well-designed bikeways and walkways will make riding a bike or walking easy, convenient, and fun.”

The non-profit also offers resources such as bike maps and safe city cycling classes. The fundamentals class is taught indoors on the third Tuesday of every month in a drop-in format where attendees can learn city cycling skills in a safe and controlled environment.

There are currently six major bikeway corridors; Bike Pittsburgh is working on with a mix of in-city biking lanes and designated biking trails. They host several biking events throughout the year as well as scheduling a Bike to Work Day in the late spring.

For visitors looking to cycle in the city, Healthy Ride offers a public bike sharing program with 500 rentable bikes at 50 stations within Pittsburgh. They offer a pay as you go plan or monthly memberships.

For a wonderful introduction to biking in Pittsburgh, try a guided tour with Golden Triangle Bike Rental. Their tours explore the city, PNC Park, or take on a food and beverage theme with the Pittsburgh winery bike tour, Pittsburgh Hofbräuhaus tasting and tour, ‘Burgh bits, bites, and bikes tour, and East end brews and bikes tour. These tours range from easy hour and a half rides to moderate three hour rides. Tickets range from $25 to $30 per adult.

Beyond biking in the city, there are many bike trails surrounding Pittsburgh such as the Great Allegheny Passage. At 150 miles long, this trail offers incredible views on a smooth surface.

Another popular trail that connects to this passage is the 25-mile Three Rivers Heritage Trail. This trail is fun for history buffs as it’s marked with historical markers and interpretive signage. This trail offers many connections to other trails and is a fun ride alongside the river.

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