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View some of our Testiminials Below

Dear Dave and Nancy,
Scott and I would like to thank you for helping our wedding run so smoothly and turn out so beautifully. The Morning Glory Inn was exactly what we wanted and it really allowed us to spend quality time with our friends and family. All of the rooms and the courtyard looked so lovely. The breakfast on Sunday was delicious and was the perfect setting to relax and talk with our family.

- Scott and Andrea

Dear Dave and Nancy, 
Dan and I wanted to thank you greatly for helping us host our wedding reception. Our guest are still raving about what a great place you have and what a wonderful event it was. Thanks again,


Dear Dave and Nancy,
I am sure you hear this all the time... but thank you so much for making our wedding day so wonderfully relaxing and enjoyable for us and our guests. We’ve heard such praise from our friends and family, who loved your beautiful home and all of your special touches. Everything was wonderful.

- All Our Best,
Laura and Mike

P.S. I’ve been telling all my single friends to get married at the Morning Glory Inn. Not only was it wonderful as the bride, I want to be a guest.

Dear Nancy and Dave,
Todd and I just wanted to thank you again for making our wedding day one of the happiest days of our lives. Your kind, personal attention was evident in every detail of the day, from the rehearsal to Sunday’s breakfast. The candlelight dinner that we enjoyed together during our first hour as husband and wife will always be one of our most treasured memories.

So thank you for opening your home to our family and friends. We’ll visit the Morning Glory Inn again soon to remember all the perfect moments of our special day!

- Heidi and Todd

Dear Dave and Nancy,
We cannot begin to thank you enough for the exemplary service provided to us for our wedding! The Morning Glory Inn was exactly the location that we had envisioned for our ceremony and reception: beautiful, elegant, classy and fun! (And oh, so comfortable!!) From the moment we walked through its doors we were enchanted by its calming presence — and amazed by the service that accompanied it!

You were so helpful throughout the entire process! Thank you, thank you, thank you for allowing us to begin our new life together at the Morning Glory Inn and for going above and beyond in each and every detail, both large and small! We truly can’t thank you enough.

We look forward to many more wonderful occasions with you!

- Sincerely, 
Kristen and Andy

Nancy and Dave,
Thank you, thank you! for making our day so special! We couldn’t have been happier with everything you did for us. The Inn was just as lovely as we knew it would be. And our parents were so pleased to leave almost everything in your hands and to have it go so well. We keep getting phone calls from family and friends about how they just loved the whole experience. The bridal party who stayed with us at the Inn felt like they were on a mini-vacation! Your facilities are just lovely and your kindness and hospitality was sincerely appreciated. Thank you again, from the bottom of our hearts.

- Love, 
David and Heather

Dear Nancy and Dave,
Oh, I am still effusing about our wedding day! Thank you, thank you, for making it so memorable and wonderful! People kept commenting about what a place you have and they didn’t know about it! Todd and I especially appreciate that extra mile, those extra special touches that you do! All those things contribute to such an extraordinary event — I know I sound perhaps too excited, but really, we were really touched. Not just impressed, but touched. I felt as though my favorite Aunt and Uncle had hosted our grand event. You will always be special to us.

- Take Care, 
Jumi and Todd

What a beautiful B&B in a beautiful, friendly city. We enjoyed our first stay in Pittsburgh. Nancy and Dave were fabulous hosts. I may be sold on Pittsburgh for grad school.

- Megan and Steve

Even the coffee is better than average! How can it be that all these people have written all these comments in your book? We were treated as if we were your best and only guests ever, every need was anticipated. And we do not mind admitting, we enjoy being spoiled rotten! Having arrived with frazzled nerves from battling traffic and Pittsburgh mazes, we leave relaxed and happy. That bassoonist who recommended you certainly did know what she was talking about (Thank you Cortney!).

- Shalom to you, 
Joe Sillato and Phillis Reed

This was a wonderful way for us to spend our first nights while relocating from Virginia! We enjoyed the lovely B&B and the delicious breakfast. Both of you were wonderful hosts and we hope to get together soon. Please keep in touch.

- Richard and Kerrell Morgan